SS Owners Club NSW

The SS Owners Club NSW is a family friendly club, where like-minded SS Owners can come together, share stories, pictures and experiences related to their cars. The club welcomes all owners of genuine GMH factory SS cars. As a family friendly club, members will always feel welcome and part of a supportive community. The club is dedicated to its members by holding social events, cruises and BBQ's etc to bring all club members together. The club prides itself on zero tolerance relating to any type of inappropriate behaviour. Racism, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination in all its forms including any inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. Any person or parties involved in such behaviours will be removed from the club without question. The club does not support or condone any type of video footage, pictures or comments related to HOON type behaviour on public roads etc. In addition, the club will hold professional events in safe, controlled environments. The club encourages all members to enjoy participating in the club community and respect other members. The club also expects all members to act responsibly and drive safely to and from events organised by the club

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